Meet Me on the Mat!

Outdoor and Virtual Classes are available!

“Your practice does not have to look like everyone else’s in the room!”

-thee Traveling Yogi

What do we offer?

We are an inclusive, body positivity community of friends; energizing our mind, body, and soul through movement and energizing BIPOC music. Offering in-person and virtual yoga classes and retreats. Beginner-friendly classes; all levels are welcome. Join us today!

Vinyasa Yoga

This is between a beginner to intermediate class, but don’t worry, you will receive plenty of options available to you.  Props you may need are yoga blocks, straps, bolster, or whatever you have available to you to support you.  Personal and group classes are available upon request.

Yin Yoga

A beginner’s class for everyone.  This stress reducer class focuses on stretching the muscles and joints and improves flexibility over time. The asanas or poses in this flow are held longer so there would be about 5-7 poses done within a session.  Props for this relaxing flow may consist of blankets, pillows or bolster, and your beautiful selves!

Restorative Yoga

A beginner’s class for everyone.  This class is a fully supported, immersive flow that will leave you relaxed from start to finish. Falling asleep in class is a GOOD thing!   Props for this relaxing flow may consist of blankets, pillows or bolster, and your beautiful selves!


“I enjoyed it! I went months without getting on my mat until a week before round 4 started. I was able to keep up with everything and I loved all the different positions I could use if I wanted to. I normally just try to do the pose the first way a teacher shows. But last night I actually tried to use a block or change my positioning. It was great!”

-Jada B.

“Loved it!! So relaxing!!”

– Natasha J.

They say it’s always a first for something!! I did my first yoga experience and I must say I DEFINITELY loved it!! Tasha was amazing and took her time.”

– Sadia R.

“It was wonderful!! You have inspired me for this weekend and help create a calming space for my evening.”

– Jenny L.

“I never tried yoga before this. I did not think it would work for me. But, since the classes are so easy to follow, I see myself doing yoga as part of my daily routine. Thanks Nu Yogi Mami

– Nicole F.
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