Free Resources

I am happy to be your guide to WHOLE-listic wellness! Please check out my freebies below and feel free to share them with your friends and family!

Are you interested in practicing yoga but not sure where to begin?

Let’s start from the beginning and take things slow!  Sign up for this 5-day mini-course on Yoga for ABSOLUTE Beginners today!

Do you use journals?

How often do you use them?
Do you “theme” them?
Sign up for my 7-Day Manifestation Journal with guided journal prompts, inspirational, and intentional activities inside. 

Are you ready to relax your mind and body?
Are you ready to just Let It All Go?

How often do you take a few moments of peace for YOU?👀 
Even if it is for 3 minutes, we deserve to pour into ourselves with compassion and self-care. Let’s start now!

People tend to loose interest in their “New Year, New You” fitness goals soon after the new year begins…

Let’s fix that and bring consistency to your fitness and wellness goals. You will receive daily yoga & meditation classes straight to your email. Flow at your own pace, at a time convenient to you! If self-care and wellness are important to you, you would greatly benefit from this challenge! Hit the Bawdy Reset button and…

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