Manifestation Retreat

It is a time for us to take a moment to pour into ourselves, channeling our inner desires while experiencing a mindset reset that will ultimately prepare us to step into our abundance.  We will identify what is holding us back and create a renewed and intentional journey of self-awareness and purpose.

Imagine… A day of Mindfulness & Manifestation!

WHO is this RETREAT for?

This 1 Day Retreat is for anyone who has goals and dreams in life but is looking for a fun guided and gentle nudge to tap into their greatness. This retreat is great for those who love mind and body self-care immersive experiences. Or just simply enjoy being in a community of like-minded individuals in a safe space where seeking opportunities to redefining fulfillment, success, and living their best lives are welcome.

This means YOU! Let’s take this time to Manifest Your Power!

Sneak Peek Retreat Details

 ALL INCLUSIVE access to our virtual retreat:

  • Private yoga instructor for the ultimate 11:11 Manifestation yoga flow that will deepen your renewed intentional journey.
  • Private chef will host a vegan cooking class that will nourish our bodies, making healthier, intentional eating habits to try at home.
  • Manifest Your Desires Tarot Reading included, a private 1-on-1 session providing you insight and gentle guidance in refocusing on your abundance.
  • Guided Breathwork Circle to unlock the power of your subconscious well-being of the mind and body through breathing exercises.
  • Manifestation Vision Board Workshop (digital materials included)
  • FULL ACCESS to Vendors & much more!

The first 20 ticket holders will receive:

  • Virtual Goodie Bag filled with Manifesting Swag: a Cleansing Spray to rid of negative vibes, jumpstart your practice with a Manifestation journal, a succulent skin care kit & so much more! 
    • *Actual digital goodie bag contents subject to change
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