Manifestation Virtual Retreat

We enjoyed a night of Mindfulness & Manifestation!

This 1 Night Retreat was definitely for the books!

We took a moment to pour into ourselves, channeling our inner desires while experiencing a mindset reset that has ultimately prepared us to step into our abundance. 

We identified what was holding us back and created a renewed and intentional journey of self-awareness and purpose.

It was great to be in a community of like-minded individuals in a safe space as we participated in our manifestation activities

Here’s what you missed:

Our ALL INCLUSIVE access to our virtual retreat included:

  • 11:11 Manifest Yoga class w/ Nu Yogi Mami started with a guided meditation to set our intentions, followed by our practice of asanas that has energetically brought us towards our manifested desires through movement.
  • Purposeful Cooking w/ Chef E! hosted a vegan cooking class that nourished our bodies, making healthier, intentional eating habits to try at home.
  • Manifest Your Desires Tarot Reading w/ GiGi’s Astro Trip  included, a private 1-on-1 session providing you insight and gentle guidance in refocusing on your abundance.
  • Manifest Mix & Mingle Party a chance to relax and chat with one another and get an exclusive mixology session recreating our retreat signature cocktail.
  • Manifestation Vision Board Workshop +digital materials included going over the basics of manifestation and channeling our desires to our digital vision board
  • Each guest received a Virtual Goodie Bag filled with Manifesting Swag + a Cleansing Spray to rid of negative vibes (shipped to their homes), and a downloadable Manifestation journal to jumpstart our practice! 


GREAT JOB. I thoroughly enjoyed this virtual manifestation retreat. Great people. Nice vibes. Can not wait until the next one.

– Tynesha N.

Please join us for our upcoming retreats!

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